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German Chancellor Scholz Warn Against ‘Worldwide Renaissance Of Fossil Fuels’

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#Olaf Scholz, the chancellor of #Germany, has urged the COP27 nations to keep their eyes on their renewable energy goals despite the effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Speaking at the climate summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, Scholz declared, “There must not be a global resurrection of fossil fuels.”

“And for Germany, I can say: there will not be one,” he said.

Russian energy imports to Europe have decreased as a result of the Russia-Ukraine situation. They have significantly decreased, which has caused costs to increase quickly. Germany has been attempting to consider alternative alternatives to enhance its supplies in the lack of supply, particularly in preparation for a very possible winter shortage. Germany’s coal power facilities have been restarted “for a little time” for the same reason, according to Scholz.

He did, however, reassure that Berlin would “keep to our exit from coal” policy, with the goal of completely ending the use of coal by 2030. Additionally, Germany has been pouring billions of dollars into brand-new infrastructure for the import of natural gas from fresh sources like Qatar or the United States.

According to officials, these LNG terminals will eventually be modified to allow for the import of hydrogen. Scholz emphasized that the move away from fossil fuels was a “security policy priority” given the pressure Russia has been able to put on nations by reducing supplies.

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