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Frontman for Low Roar Dead at 40 is Ryan Karazija

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Low Roar

Low Roar

Frontman Ryan Karazija of the #Icelandic alternative rock band #LowRoar passed away abruptly, the band has revealed. He was 40. On social media, the band shared a homage to its lead singer. He has touched the lives of countless people throughout the world with his exquisite music and lyrics, which are delivered in his haunting voice, and he will continue to do so. He was a good and lovely soul, and his passing has rocked our worlds. May we pay tribute to his memory through his craft and cherish his melodies for all time.

The updated statement reads, “After a brief illness, Ryan Karajiza, frontman and driving force behind Low Roar, passed away at age 40 due to complications from pneumonia.” Fans from all over the world sent condolences after learning of the singer’s passing. The popular video game Death Stranding from 2020 made extensive use of music from Low Roar.

Hideo Kojima, the game’s director, sent Karajiza a loving note. I can’t believe it, I just heard the news. I’d rather not accept that as true. Death Stranding would not have existed without Ryan, you, and your music. Both in this world and in me, your music will endure forever. I’m grateful. Peace be with you,” he added.

Many people talked about how hearing Low Roar’s music on the Death Stranding soundtrack led them to fall in love with it. The band’s first album was released in 2011, and the fifth and most recent one came in 2021. Low Roar had no idea that their music will be used in Death Stranding when they consented to it.

They explained to VG247 in 2020 that “Sony approached us in an unusual email giving us a particular amount of money to utilise the song “I’ll Keep Coming.” They refused to explain to us what they intended to utilise the song for. We accepted it since we were in the gutter at the moment. And it was discovered to be for Death Stranding.

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