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From November, Domestic Cats And Dogs Will Be Allowed Onboard By Akasa Air

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In November, the country’s newest scheduled airline #Akasa Air will begin allowing the transportation of domesticated #dogs and #cats onboard with passengers. Akasa Air is “fully capitalized.” The CEO of Akasa Air, Vinay Dube, said the business has sufficient capital and is not looking for new investors. In the 60 days since the airline began operations, Dube continued, its performance has been “satisfactory.”

There are currently six aircraft in the airline’s fleet, and by March of the following year, there should be 18. Akasa Air will begin operations on Friday with 30 daily flights out of Delhi. The airline will start allowing dog transportation for both passengers and cargo in November.

Belson Coutinho, co-founder, and chief marketing and experience officer announced that domesticated cats and dogs will be permitted to travel beginning in November and that reservations in this regard will open on October 15. The airline has ordered 72 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. Prior to now, Air India was the only commercial airline in the nation to allow certain types of pets to fly with passengers.

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