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From January to March, Omicron was found in 97 Percent of samples taken from Covid victims.

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According to official statistics, the Omicron form of coronavirus was found in 97% of the samples obtained from people who died of Covid in Delhi between January and March.
560 of the 578 samples obtained from the dead contained the Omicron variation, according to genome sequencing.

Other COVID-19 variations, such as Delta, which fueled the fierce second wave of infections in April and May last year, and sub lineages, were found in the remaining 18 (3%). In all, the Omicron variation was discovered in all 504 samples analyzed in March at genome sequencing labs in the city.

The third wave of infections caused by the Omicron strain resulted in fewer hospitalizations and severe cases in the nation’s capital, according to official data, and the virus was not the major cause of most deaths.

On January 17, a total of 2,784 (17.96%) of the 15,505 COVID-19 beds in hospitals were filled. On May 6, 20,117 (92%) of the 21,839 beds were filled during the second wave.
Experts attribute a huge number of persons not following Covid-appropriate behaviour, including the mask rule, to a recent spike in the incidence of illnesses in Delhi.

Due to the increase in instances, the Delhi government declared wearing masks mandatory in public areas on Wednesday and fined offenders $500. Officials claimed the Delhi Disaster Management Authority opted not to close schools at its meeting, instead opting to develop a new Standard Operating Procedure in consultation with experts. Delhi has also begun genome sequencing of all Covid infected persons in the capital in order to determine if a novel variety, such as the XE variant, has spread throughout the city.

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