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Fourth Russian commander killed in Ukraine conflict – Zelensky

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Another Russian general has been killed in combat, according to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky. Although he did not name the officer, a Ukrainian interior ministry adviser stated Maj Gen Oleg Mityaev was slain by the far-right Azov Battalion. Analysts estimate that roughly 20 generals are in charge of Russian operations in Ukraine, implying that one-fifth of Russia’s generals have been killed if all claimed casualties are verified. Targeting, analysts believe, might be a significant aspect of the information war because Ukraine’s military is outmanned. The circumstances behind the fatalities are unknown, and she claims that gathering reliable evidence on the ground is difficult.

There has been a presumption that they were all fighting on the front lines, but she adds that this is not necessarily the true. The far-right Azov Battalion claimed responsibility for his death. “This does not imply that the generals were on the front lines.” Although this is changing, it may explain why generals felt compelled to lead operations from the front. Unlike the other generals, Sukhovetsky’s death was widely publicised in Russian media, and Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed the death of a general in Ukraine in a speech. On 3 March, a sniper murdered Maj Gen Andrey Sukhovetsky, a deputy commander in the same unit as Gerasimov.

One western diplomat told the Press Association that the Russian army may be suffering from low morale, which is why high-ranking military leaders are coming closer to the front line, after Kolesnikov became the third Russian general apparently slain in Ukraine.

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