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Ford Is Unable To Supply Vehicles Due To A Shortage Of Oval Blue Badges

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The blue oval badges that are placed on practically every Ford vehicle for its eponymous brand have been a crucial component of the company’s recent supply chain troubles. Both the model’s nameplates and the Ford emblems have been in short supply at the Detroit automaker. A powerful brand emblem is essential for every consumer good since it helps consumers remember your product and helps you stand out from your competitors by making it apparent what you have to offer that makes you the superior alternative. Apart from the design, the only obvious identifiers in the auto sector are brand badges, particularly on cars. 

Ford Motor Co., on the other hand, announced a management shift and the restructuring of its product development and supply chain departments on September 22, just days after warning of a possible inventory buildup of up to 45,000 automobiles that may be missing crucial parts.

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