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For the time being, Poltava is a secure city, yet many people are opting to leave

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            For the time being, Poltava is a safe city, but three trains have been scheduled to transport anyone who choose to travel farther west. Last night, about 600 Indian students took advantage of the offer, and Ukrainian women and children followed on later trains.

Anna, a Ukrainian woman who had been forced to flee Sumy with her two-year-old kid and Tunisian husband, burst into tears as we spoke. Her mother is a pharmacist, and her father must remain in Sumy and fight. She doesn’t know when she’ll see them again.

According to local officials, over 7,000 individuals made it to safety in Poltava yesterday night, using a combination of private automobiles and evacuation buses. More are expected to go today, as another truce has been agreed upon.

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