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For the Third Day in a Row, China Reports Over 2,000 Instances and Tightens Covid Regulations

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As infections recurred and health authorities on Tuesday reported more than 2,000 cases for a third straight day, #China stepped up #Covid control measures around the nation, notably in provincial capitals – mandating lockdowns and mass testing.

On Tuesday, authorities recorded 2,719 Covid infections from the previous day, including 498 that were symptomatic. Three days in a row, China has reported more than 2,000 cases, with 2,898 instances on Sunday and 2,105 cases on Saturday.

Although the nation’s daily caseload is still small when compared to other nations, the administration has strictly implemented its “zero-Covid” policy.

Despite the negative effects on China’s economy, authorities trace contacts and lock down residential zones in an effort to isolate every case.

Government statistics gathered by brokerage Nomura show that as of Monday, “lockdown measures” had “touched” at least 34 cities and more than 256 million people in China. That is an increase of almost 50 million individuals from the prior week in October.

According to Nomura’s most recent China Covid Lockdown Index, the ongoing Covid epidemic is causing even more stringent lockdowns and travel restrictions in a number of Chinese cities. The most severely affected province in China, Guangdong, has the second-worst local outbreak right now, according to Nomura. After only one instance was discovered last week, authorities in Macao tested all 700,000 of its inhabitants for viruses.

Beijing has sent Covid-control specialists to Zhengzhou, which is home to the world’s largest iPhone manufacturing facility. Foxconn, the company that runs the plant, has seen a Covid outbreak while also improving working conditions for staff. The teams were sent out after recordings purportedly showing employees leaving the massive plant went viral.

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