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Five Rescuers Were Killed When Super Typhoon Noru Struck The Northern Philippines

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Authorities have reported that at least five rescuers were killed a day after Super Typhoon Noru slammed the Philippines on Sunday. During a violent typhoon, the rescuers were claimed to be dispatched to a flooded neighborhood. So yet, the authorities have not revealed any information on their cause of death. The rescuers perished at San Miguel municipality in Bulacan province, near the capital Manila, according to authorities. Renan Herrera, the disaster officer for San Miguel, confirmed the fatalities and stated that they may have perished in flooding. 

Thousands of people were forced to flee their houses and seek refuge in safer areas as a result of the storm. Strong winds and heavy rain pummelled the heavily populated island of Luzon. The typhoon uprooted trees and flooded low-lying areas. This is the most powerful storm to strike the Philippines this year. So yet, no significant damage has been reported.

Because of the category three tropical cyclone, Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos issued a halt to government activities and classes for Monday.

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