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First-Ever Missile Exchange between North and South Korea Off Each Other’s Coasts

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For the first time, missiles fired by North and South Korea both touched down in oceans off one another’s coasts. Three hours after Pyongyang fired a missile that touched down less than 60 kilometres (37 miles) off the coast of the South Korean city of Sokcho, Seoul responded.

The military of the South deemed this a trespass of its territory that was “unacceptable.” In retaliation, it launched three air-to-ground missiles, which officials claim fell similarly far past the Northern Limit Line (NLL).

North and South Korea’s approximate maritime midpoint is marked by the demarcation line, but the North has never acceded to the border.

On Tuesday, North Korea issued a warning that if South Korea and the US maintained their joint military exercises, they would pay “the most horrific price in history,” which was interpreted as a subliminal threat to use nuclear weapons. After a five-year gap, the North is poised to resume nuclear weapons testing soon, according to US and South Korean intelligence, which claims Pyongyang has made all the required preparations.

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