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All-Electric Passenger Aircraft Makes History

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#all-electric #aircraft #washington Washington: The first all-electric passenger plane had a successful first test flight. The nine-passenger plane was being flown by Steve Crane when it blasted off from Grant County International Airport in Moses Lake, a location in the high desert of Eastern Washington that is frequently used to test new aviation technologies. Israeli firm Eviation was established in 2015 and has been advancing Alice ever since. By 2027, the business intends to produce more planes with the help of the data amassed during the trip. By 2025, the business expects to have an FAA-approved aircraft, which will then undergo a year or two of flight testing before consumers may get Alices.

Advocates for Alice predict a bright future for the plane, implying that it will soon be a frequent sight in the transportation industry. Electrical aircraft that are as huge as commercial passenger planes like the Boeing or Airbus may still be some time off, though.

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