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Finnish PM Has Been Cleared Of ‘Misconduct’ Over A Partying Scandal

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Finland PM

Finland PM

Finland’s 36-year-old prime minister Sanna Marin was cleared of any wrongdoing on Friday following a formal investigation into a leaked video showing her partying in August. Numerous complaints were submitted to Finland’s chancellor of justice when images of the prime minister dancing and having fun with friends and renowned people made headlines across the world. Marin was found not to have neglected her duties as prime minister, according to the chancellor, a separate body charged with overseeing the constitutionality of governmental decisions and to which any person may register a complaint.

Tuomas Poysti, the Chancellor of Justice, stated that there was “no reason to suspect the prime minister of criminal conduct in the performance of her duties or of the negligence of her official obligations.” When the issue first broke, Marin, claimed that the films were “filmed in private premises” and that she had “an evening with friends.”

“I’m a person. In the midst of these gloomy clouds, I too sometimes yearn for happiness, brightness, and fun” She said. The chancellor received allegations that Marin was unable to be prime minister “due to alcohol usage,” that she behaved improperly for the job, and that she jeopardized Finland’s “reputation and security.”

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