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 Faculty At Cape Breton University Vote To Strike

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Cape Breton University

Cape Breton University

A strike has been approved by the Cape Breton University Faculty Association (CBUFA). This week, 198 members cast ballots, and 92% of them were in favor of going on strike. The CBUFA claims that there was no progress achieved in the negotiations during the summer and that the employer has been unwilling to discuss or provide language on a number of concerns. A record number of grievances and arbitrations, according to the CBUFA, are currently in progress as talks take place.

The CBUFA believes that the employer’s controversial proposal would significantly increase some members’ teaching responsibilities and virtually eliminate their capacity to conduct research, while simultaneously providing these faculty with no protections under the layoff clause of the contract that applies to all other CBUFA members. 216 academics, experts, librarians, lab instructors, and educators for nursing practice are represented by the CBUFA. Future negotiations have no specific dates as of yet.

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