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Facebook prohibits Russian state media from posting advertisements and monetizing its platform

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            Facebook has barred Russian state media from running advertising and monetizing the site in response to Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine, according to Nathaniel Gleicher, the social network’s security policy director, on Saturday.

“We have now made it illegal for Russian state media to display advertising or monetize on our platform anywhere in the globe. We are also continuing to classify other Russian state media. These modifications have already begun to take effect and will continue through the weekend”, Gleicher said this in a tweet.

According to the security policy, the firm is actively watching the situation in Ukraine and will continue to share the efforts they are taking to protect users on their platform.

Previously, in reaction to the escalating armed crisis in Ukraine, Facebook formed a Special Operations Centre. “It is manned by professionals (including native speakers) so that we can closely monitor the situation and respond as quickly as feasible”.

According to the firm, it has released a new feature in Ukraine that allows individuals to lock their profiles in order to give an extra layer of privacy and protection to assist people defend themselves online.

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