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Ex-US Pilot, Arrested In Australia, Has Same Address as Chinese Hacker

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Ex-US Pilot

Ex-US Pilot

A #Chinese businessman imprisoned in the #United States for planning to infiltrate the computers of US defense contractors listed the same Beijing address as a former US military pilot detained in Australia and presumably awaiting extradition to the US on unspecified charges, according to papers.

The pilot’s Beijing address appears in Australian company papers, and the Chinese businessman’s Beijing address appears on a US blacklist, but it’s not clear if they both used it at the same time. In response to a US request, Australian Federal Police last month detained former US citizen Daniel Edmund Duggan, 54, in the small town of Orange in the state of New South Wales.

According to his attorney, both the charges against him and the specifics of the US arrest order are under wraps. As a result, unable to ascertain the particulars of Duggan’s case. Dennis Miralis, an attorney at Nyman, Gibson, and Miralis, declared on behalf of Duggan that “he denies having broken any US law, any Australian law, or any international law.” Duggan did not request bail at the directions hearing at the Sydney local court, according to Miralis, who also stated that he was being sent to a high-security jail in the small town of Goulburn. On November 28, the matter was postponed.

According to a former military pilot who spoke, Duggan relocated from Australia to Beijing in 2013 or 2014 to work with a Chinese company after leaving the military and becoming an aviation consultant. The former military pilot recognized Stephen Su, the Chinese businessman found guilty of hacking in the United States, after being shown a photo by a Reuters reporter, but he would not elaborate on the venture the two were engaged in.

Additionally, Duggan’s LinkedIn profile indicated that he was in China at the time. According to a different aviation source, Duggan traveled to Beijing to collaborate with Stephen Su, also known as Su Bin in China. Su Bin, who pled guilty in a high-profile hacking case involving the theft of US military aircraft designs by the Chinese military, was detained in Canada in July 2014 and sentenced to prison in the US two years later, according to court records.

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