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Ex-employee: Jeff Bezos had racial bias and required long hours without breaks

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Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos

#Jeff Bezos was sued by a former maid who complains that his workers treated her #unfairly because of her race and had her work long hours in filthy circumstances without breaks for food or relaxation. #Mercedes Wedaa, who started working for the #billionaire founder of Inc. in September 2019, allegedly oversaw a group of five to six housekeepers and worked 10 to 14 hours per day on occasion, according to a state court suit she filed on Tuesday.

The complaint stated that there was no designated break room, rest area, or easily accessible restroom for the staff. According to the lawsuit, housekeeping personnel would attempt to eat in a laundry room and were forbidden from using a toilet in an adjacent security room, forcing them to crawl out a window to use a lavatory.

“We’ve investigated these claims, they have no merit, and we’ll defend against them,” Harry Korrell, an attorney who represents Bezos and other defendants, said in an emailed statement.

Wedaa claimed that one of Bezos’ household managers “grew violent and abusive” against her and other Hispanic workers, and treated them differently than the White groundskeepers and maintenance workers who worked for the billionaire. After almost three years of employment, she was ultimately let go, according to the complaint.

‘Working people must be paid for the work they do, and they must be allowed to do that work in a safe, sanitary, and healthy environment,’ according to labour and employment rules,’ said Patrick McGuigan, an attorney for Wedaa.

According to the complaint, Wedaa demands monetary damages as well as back salary and benefits. Zefram LLC and Northwestern LLC, which the lawsuit names as organisations that handle Bezos’s assets, are named as defendants in the dispute.

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