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EU has approved a fourth round of sanctions against Russia

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            The EU has published its fourth set of sanctions against Russia. It intends to engage in Russia’s energy industry as well as sell luxury items.

More oligarchs and persons who promote so-called “disinformation” will be added to the list of people whose assets will be frozen by the EU. According to BBC sources, the list would include Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich, who has previously been sanctioned by the UK.

There will also be a prohibition on shipping luxury products to Russia, such as pricey automobiles and jewellery. Import restrictions on Russian steel goods, as well as new investments in Russia’s energy industry.

While the EU has gone further and quicker on sanctions than many expected, diplomats have warned the BBC of an increasingly visible schism between Poland and the Baltic states, which seek ever greater penalties, and nations such as Germany and Italy, which want a more cautious approach.

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