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Elon Musk’s SpaceX will postpone its first starship flight to focus on cyber defence in the midst of the Ukraine conflict.

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The first flight of SpaceX’s Starship, a spaceship meant to take humans to the Moon and Mars, will be postponed. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is shifting his focus to cyber defense and signal jamming. The tech tycoon did not specify what or who was behind the SpaceX attacks. The newest Starship prototype is pending an environmental evaluation by the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States.

Musk previously stated that Starlink was the only non-Russian communications system operating in portions of Ukraine, and that “the potential of being attacked is significant.” He then stated that several Starlink terminals in war zones were congested. However, he noted, the most recent software upgrade has managed to overcome the jamming.

Given the circumstances, SpaceX has opted to focus on cyber defense and signal jamming for the time being, which may cause a delay in SpaceX’s Moon and Mars goals. “SpaceX refocused on cyber defense and signal jamming.” “This will create minor delays in Starship and Starlink V2,” Musk tweeted.

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