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Elon Musk Is Criticized by Stephen King’s “Tom Sawyer” for His Twitter Blue Tick Fee

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Elon Musk Criticized

Elon Musk Criticized

Best-selling author #Stephen King took a shot at the #Tesla CEO, comparing him to the fictitious character #Tom Sawyer, days after his Twitter argument with #Elon Musk on the cost of a verified credential.

“Musk makes me think of Tom Sawyer, who is given the job of whitewashing a fence as punishment. Tom cons his friends into doing the chore for him, and getting them to pay for the privilege. That’s what Musk wants to do with Twitter. No, no, no,” Mr King tweeted.

In an episode from the classic book The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, the cheeky main character persuades his friends to help him paint his aunt’s fence as punishment by telling them it’s fun labour and that they’re happy they have the chance to do it. Additionally, he persuaded his acquaintances to exchange their mementos and modest gems for cash.

Several Twitter users who commented agreed with Mr. King. Some have argued that it is unreasonable to charge content producers like authors and journalists who provide trustworthy content to Twitter a fee. Others, on the other hand, supported the new Twitter CEO and asserted that the new authentication mechanism also provides more features. In another tweet, Mr King praised Mr Musk for starting a “revolution in how the world drives” and went on to take a jab at his Twitter leadership.

“Kudos to Elon Musk, who has begun a revolution in how the world drives and who has incredible visionary talents. I got an early Tesla and traded for another one. Wonderful cars (no autopilot for me, thanks). That said, when it comes to Twitter,” the author tweeted.

A few days after their disagreement over the monthly cost of the blue tick, Mr. King took a shot at Elon Musk. Days prior to Elon Musk’s announcement that a verified badge on Twitter will now cost $8 per month, Mr. King responded to rumours that the blue tick may cost as much as $20 per month via Twitter.

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