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Elephant Surprises Herd And Caretakers By Giving Girth In Kenya Forest Reserve

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Witnessing an animal’s birth is a wonder. A #Kenyan wildlife sanctuary experienced a joyful surprise when an elephant gave birth to a calf, shocking the entire herd, including the mother elephant and the head keeper.

The video was released on Twitter on Sunday by Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which runs an orphanage elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in Kenya. It has since gained more than 36,000 views. In the footage, an elephant herd is seen encircling a baby elephant that is lying on the ground.

The amazing tale of the elephant’s unexpected birth was also revealed by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Wild elephants and former orphans started gathering outside Ithumba stockades early on October 29 as was customary during the dry season, it claimed.

After the morning, there was a disturbance and a flurry of activity, which was heard by the head keeper Benjamin. Something had fallen on the ground among the elephants. Even the older female elephants, who are typically pretty calm, started to run when it shocked the other elephants.

Elephants rushed over before Benjamin could realize what had happened. He realized that this infant still had some of its placenta, which had been delivered by an elephant named Melia.

It stated that although Melia is a massive elephant who conceals her weight effectively, she had become gradually fatter over the last four months. Like many of the former orphans, she has been a regular at Ithumba during these dry months.

Even Melia was shocked to discover she was a mother and at first, appeared confused by the infant in her arms. Then, it said, her wiser friends intervened and assisted her in dealing with the problem. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has given the baby the name Milo, which is Latin for “beloved.”

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