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Education ministry announces guidelines for school reopening

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            The Ministry of Education issued recommendations for school reopening on Thursday. The rules were developed following discussions with states concerning the reopening of schools.

Precautions, timetables, assessments, emotional and mental health will all be part of the school reopening standards.

“We share these suggestions, which are advisory in nature, and states are free to develop their own norms in this regard. All SoP for attending classes is included in these rules. Online education is an option for students”, said the Ministry of Education in the Central institutions, 98.85 percent of teaching personnel and 99.07 percent of non-teaching employees have been vaccinated as of today.

The Central Government has established rules for restarting schools.

ensuring and supervising sufficient cleaning and sanitary facilities at the school

Maintaining a minimum of 6 feet of space between students in the seating design

Staff quarters, office area, assembly hall, and other common spaces must preserve social distance.

Timings for separate classes might be flexible, staggered, or shortened.

Where social separation is impossible, schools do not have school gatherings.

All pupils and staff come at school wearing a face cover/mask and continue to wear it throughout Social Distancing in order to preserve Social Distancing throughout the distribution of PM POSHAN (Mid-day meal).

On a regular basis, school transportation is sanitised.

In hostels, make sure there is enough space between beds.

In hostels, social distance must be maintained at all times.

Before they begin staying at the hotel, they must be scanned.

Students who want to study from home with their parent’s permission may be permitted to do so.

Allow for attendance flexibility.

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