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Ebola Outbreak In Uganda, Death Rate Increases To 23 

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On Monday, Uganda’s health ministry reported increased Ebola cases across various regions, with at least 23 confirmed and probable deaths. The epidemic was reported last week on Tuesday when a rare Sudan strain was detected in the country’s Mubende district.

According to local media sources, the virus has already spread to the districts of Kyegegwa and Kassanda. Meanwhile, according to the Ugandan Health Ministry, the overall number of cases, including probable and confirmed cases, has grown to 36. There were 5 confirmed cases and 18 suspected cases among the 23 deaths caused by the virus. 

Vaccination against the rare Sudan strain has not been evaluated for efficacy, according to WHO. However, the current Ervebo (rVSV-ZEBOV) vaccine has been shown to be effective against the Zaire version of the Ebola virus. Uganda has experienced four Ebola outbreaks, the deadliest of which occurred in 2000, killing over 200 people.

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