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Due to poverty and his family starving, a man from Noida sets fire to himself Infront of Supreme Court

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            On Friday afternoon, a 50-year-old man lit himself on fire outside the Supreme Court, but the flames were extinguished by police officers stationed around the complex.

The man, described as a Noida resident by the police, was transported to the hospital by security forces.

A video, probably filmed on a cell phone by a passer-by, catches the scene as the cops assist the man who is laying on the road and weeping.

“I come from a low-income household. My family is going hungry”, as two police officers stationed outside the Supreme Court tear off the man’s clothing to prevent additional injury, he is heard saying. One of them also convinces him that suicide would not assist to alleviate the situation. Later, the two cops transport the man to the hospital for treatment.

Police said the guy came to the Supreme Court because he was having personal problems, but they had yet to talk with him in depth.

The extent of the burns is also unknown.

This is the second similar event that has occurred outside of the Supreme Court in the previous six months.

A 24-year-old woman who said she was raped in 2019 and a man set themselves on fire outside the Supreme Court in August of last year. They were brought to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, where their condition was determined to be serious. They died less than a week after the event.

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