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Due to debt, a Chennai man murders himself, his wife, and two sons, according to police.

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On Sunday, a family of four, including a one-year-old kid, was discovered dead inside their opulent apartment in Chennai’s upmarket Perungudi neighbourhood.

According to police, the 36-year-old man murdered his wife and two children before committing suicide. According to preliminary findings, the man’s rising debt was the catalyst for the murder.

‘At least four money lenders showed up today at the apartment to whom he owed 80 lakh,’ said the investigating officer in the case who did not wish to be named. ‘He seems to have promised to settle all the repayment on January 2.’
The Thoraipakkam police station has opened an investigation under Section 174 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (police should investigate and report on suicide) (CrPC).

The facts of the horrific crime that have surfaced thus far in the case have horrified the neighbouring community as the new year began. Senior folks can also live in the unit if they need assistance.
Money lenders and neighbours rang the doorbell multiple times on Sunday morning, and when no one answered, they dialled the police control centre. Cops and neighbours collaborated numerous times before they were able to unlock the main door.

The guy was discovered hanging from a ceiling fan. His wife, 35, was found deceased with a severe head injury.His wife, 35, was lying dead with a deep injury on her head. ‘He had hit her with a cricket bat,’ the officer quoted above said. ‘We don’t know how he killed his children. We are waiting for the post mortem reports.’
The children are two boys, one at the age of one and the other at the age of ten.

All four bodies have been transported to Chennai’s Royapettah Government Hospital. The murders, according to police, took place after Saturday evening. ‘The door was secured from the inside, so we don’t suspect any additional wrongdoing,’ added the officer.

The guy and his family resided in a three-bedroom property for which they paid $35,000 in rent. Before returning to India, the guy worked abroad at a Barclays Bank. His hometown is Coimbatore, and he has been residing in a Chennai flat for a year. He had been employed at a municipal contact centre but had just been laid off, according to authorities.

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