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Donald Trump, Fined Nearly $1 Million In A Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Former United States President Donald Trump and his attorneys were ordered to pay more than $937,000 in sanctions for suing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over denied reports that the 2016 presidential elections were rigged. A US district judge, John Middlebrooks, who discarded Trump’s case in September, said the sanctions were earned because the former president had established a pattern of misusing the courts to further his political agenda.

“This case should never have been brought. Its inadequacy as a legal claim was evident from the start. No reasonable lawyer would have filed it. Intended for a political purpose, none of the counts of the amended complaint stated a cognizable legal claim,” Middlebrooks wrote in the 45-page written ruling, Reuters reported.

The judge also noted that Trump’s allegations in the lawsuit exemplified ‘abusive litigation tactics’. 

“I find that the pleadings here were abusive litigation tactics. The complaint and amended complaint were drafted to advance a political narrative, not to address legal harm caused by any defendant,” Middlebrooks wrote of Trump’s case.

Middlebrooks had ignored the case in September, reaching the case “a two-hundred-page political manifesto outlining his grievances against those that have opposed him.”

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