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Disney Guests from Shanghai were Held in a Closed Park for Virus Testing

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Shanghai Disney

Shanghai Disney

The local government declared that #ShanghaiDisneyland was closed and that guests were temporarily detained in the park for virus testing, however social media accounts claimed that several attractions continued to run for those who were forbidden from leaving. Walt Disney Company and the city government announced the park’s closure on Monday for testing of both employees and guests. No information about a potential outbreak was made public.

Following “expedited #COVID testing,” Disney stated in a statement on Tuesday that “all visitors have left the park.” When the park might reopen was not specified.

China has maintained a strict “Zero COVID” strategy that strives to isolate every instance, while other nations are relaxing anti-virus regulations. In March, outbreaks in Shanghai caused a lockdown that kept the majority of the city’s 25 million residents inside for two months. 1.3 million people in Shanghai’s Yangpu district were told to stay inside on Friday as they underwent viral tests.

Anyone who has been to the Shanghai Disney Resort since Thursday was urged by the local authorities to submit to three days of nucleic acid testing and refrain from congregating in large numbers.Parts of the resort were restricted owing to anti-virus restrictions, according to a statement from Disney on Monday, although there was no indication that guests were confined inside. According to the statement, only two hotels were open while Shanghai Disneyland, Disneytown, and Wishing Star Park were all closed.

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