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Dhoni Moves High Court For Contempt Proceedings Against IPS Officer

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The IPS officer G Sampath Kumar has been summoned after cricketer M S Dhoni requested that the Madras High Court begin contempt proceedings against him for allegedly making derogatory remarks about the Supreme Court and certain top attorneys in the case of match-fixing. Despite being listed, the matter was not heard today. In order to prevent Sampath Kumar, who was the inspector general of police at the time, from ever again mentioning match-fixing or spot-fixing of games, Dhoni launched a civil lawsuit in 2014. He requested that the court order him to pay Rs 100 crore in damages.

On March 18, 2014, the court issued an interim order preventing Sampath Kumar from criticizing Dhoni in any way. Despite the directive, Sampath Kumar allegedly submitted an affidavit to the Supreme Court criticizing the legal system and the top attorney defending the State in the proceedings against him. The Madras High Court put the matter under notice and added it to its file in December 2021. Sampath Kumar is accused of uttering comments against the judiciary in defiance of the court’s interim injunction from 2014, which is why Dhoni filed the current contempt action on October 11 of this year after receiving permission from Advocate-General R Shanmugasundaram on July 18.

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