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Delhi Woman Dragged By Car: Autopsy Rules Out Sex Assault

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Delhi Woman

Delhi Woman

An autopsy of the Delhi woman dragged by a car for many kilometers in the wee hours of January 1 discovered “no injuries to the private parts,” which may rule out sexual assault. One among those who suspected that the death of victim Anjali Singh might not have been caused just by the automobile hitting her bike and dragging her for 13 kilometers was Anjali’s mother.

At 2 pm, according to sources, the Maulana Azad Medical College board of doctors’ report on the autopsy would be delivered to the police. Swab swabs and pieces of her pants have been saved for future tests.

The five men in the automobile have been detained and accused of reckless driving, criminal homicide, and causing death through negligence. Police had previously stated that there was no proof of a sexual assault.

Anjali, 20, who worked as an event planner and was with a friend, Nidhi, when the Maruti Baleno car struck her scooter, has been identified as a critical witness by investigators. Unharmed, the companion left the scene, but Anjali’s leg became entangled in the vehicle’s axle. According to investigators, Nidhi is now a critical eyewitness.

The men in the automobile are said to have admitted to being intoxicated. They sped off in a hurry after hitting the scooter, not realizing a woman was being pulled after them. One of the men first observed an arm hanging out at a U-turn in Kanjhawala after the car had dragged the woman through the streets for 13 miles. They came to a stop, she let go of her body, and they sped off. The driver, Deepak Khanna, told police that he felt “something trapped” under the vehicle, but that other people had assured him that there was nothing there.

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