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Delhi shivering with drop in minimum temperature to 6.2degree Celsius

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            The national capital’s residents shivered on Tuesday as the lowest temperature plummeted to 6.2 degrees Celsius, a notch below usual. On Monday, the highest temperature in Delhi was 14.8 degrees Celsius, seven degrees below the season’s normal, while the lowest temperature was eight degrees.

On Tuesday, the city was blanketed in a thin fog, and most residents stayed home or clustered around bonfires in the streets to stay warm.

The minimum temperature recorded at the Safdarjung Observatory, whose value is regarded the official marker for the city, was 6.2 degrees Celsius, a notch below average, according to the India Meteorological Department.

The lowest temperature in Narela was 5.6 degrees Celsius, which is two degrees below usual. On Monday, a thick fog blanketed the nation’s capital early in the morning, making it tough for commuters. Commuter’s rode through thin fog on Tuesday, despite the fact that the relative humidity was 95% in the morning.

The high temperature on Tuesday is expected to be around 16 degrees Celsius, with a cool day anticipated.

The IMD predicts a partly overcast sky with little chance of rain in Delhi on January 26th, when the country will stage its massive Republic Day celebrations on Rajpath. However, the weather forecast for that day predicts shallow fog throughout the city in the morning.

A “cold day”, according to the IMD, is one in which the lowest temperature is less than 10 degrees Celsius and the highest temperature is at least 4.5 degrees Celsius below average. A “severe” cold day is defined as having a high temperature that is at least 6.5 degrees below average. On Tuesday morning, Delhi’s air quality index was in the bad range (249).

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