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Defying Odds, A Mother With A Rare Heart-Shaped Uterus Delivers ‘One-In-500-Million’ Twins

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Defying Odds

Defying Odds

A mother, holding a rare heart-shaped uterus, gave birth to a ‘one-in-500-million’ pair of twins, withstanding all odds. Karen Troy, aged 25, spoke about her pregnancy as she said she was shocked when she found her pregnancy with twins and had a ‘heart-shaped’ bicornuate uterus in March 2021.

A woman’s chance of getting pregnant with twins is around one in 500 million with a heart-shaped womb. At 34 weeks, the mother’s pregnancy went smoothly. Regardless, she created pre-eclampsia and was poured into the hospital to get a c-section when her blood stress improved.

The birth twins of the mother, Ryan, and Raelynn, took residence on September 5, 2021. The twins weighed 5lbs 10oz and 5lbs 1oz and were held at Umass memorial medical camp in Massachusetts for 27 days before the twins were sent home. 

Speaking about her pregnancy, Karen said, “I was more worried about the fact I was having two babies than having a heart-shaped uterus. I just wanted to make sure they were OK. I didn’t believe I had a heart-shaped uterus at first so I went back for another scan to make sure it was true.”

“I was monitored closely because it was a high-risk pregnancy. It was really emotional seeing them for the first time because they were tiny. I was so happy but scared to have two tiny babies. We were so excited when we got them home,” she added.

Karen said, “It’s very rare to have a heart-shaped uterus and fall pregnant with twins. I remember being confused at the scan. I just kept asking: Are they OK?”

The mother chose to go for another scan to verify reports of the first sonography. “They said my pregnancy was very high risk because I had a heart-shaped uterus and was expecting twins,” she said.

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