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Danish Queen Apologises For Refusing Royal Titles To Her Grandchildren

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Danish Queen

Danish Queen

The removal of four of her eight grandchildren’s royal titles was regrettable, and Danish Queen Margrethe II issued an apology on Tuesday. Despite her “apologies,” she has not changed her mind.

The 82-year-old monarch declared in late September that her younger son, Prince Joachim’s children, would no longer be addressed as prince and princess as of the following year.

The royal household has stated that they will no longer be able to use their HRH titles and will only be able to refer to themselves as counts and countess of Monpezat as well as excellencies.

The decision, which Queen Margrethe sees as “a necessary future-proofing of the monarchy,” according to a statement from the Queen, left Prince Joachim and his children “sad” and “shocked,” according to Helle von Wildenrath Lovgreen, press secretary to Countess Alexandra, the former wife of Prince Joachim.

“My choice regarding the future use of titles for Prince Joachim’s four children has drawn a lot of criticism in recent days. I am obviously affected by that” The monarch declared in the speech. 

“My choice has taken a while to make. It is only natural to look both backs and forward after 50 years in power. The monarchy must always adapt to the times, and that is both my responsibility and my desire as queen. This occasionally necessitates making difficult decisions, and there will never be a perfect time ” she added.

The Queen claimed she made the “adjustment” so that the junior royals could live more typical lives and that it was in line with other royal families’ decisions to reduce the size of the monarchy.

The monarch declared: “Despite being the Queen, a mother, and a grandmother, I underestimated how much my younger son and his family would be impacted by my choice. I apologize because that has a negative impact.”

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