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‘Dancing traffic officer’ explains what motivates her to serve her country.

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Videos that show people thriving in their chosen careers while still being happy are always a joy to see.

This film, which was put on Humans of Bombay’s official Instagram page, depicts one such person’s experience. It tells the narrative of Shubhi Jain, the “dancing traffic officer,” and how she grew to be who she is today.Jain explains her travels using text inserts throughout the video. Initially, she pursued an MBA because her father encouraged her to do so.

However, she quickly followed her heart and began volunteering as a traffic officer. People were often unwelcoming to her because of her occupation, much to her chagrin. But she was determined to alter this, which is what propelled her to become such an amusing and enthusiastic traffic officer.She began by praising everyone for obeying traffic laws.

Soon after, someone shared her video, and she was called the “dancing traffic officer” by netizens. Following that, she tried her hand at being a radio DJ while maintaining her charitable work. ‘I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve my nation.’ ‘There is no greater delight than spreading joy!’ reads the video’s description.

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