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Cryptocurrency And The Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges

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Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency Exchange

It’s all about crypto

Crypto is a digital currency that is an alternative form of payment created using encryption algorithms. The use of encryption technologies transforms those cryptocurrencies into currency and virtual accounting systems. If you use cryptocurrency you need a cryptocurrency wallet. These wallets can be a cloud-based service or software stored on your computer or your mobile device. Wallets are a tool that stores your encrypted keys, which confirm your identity and link to your cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency Exchange plays a major role in the digital world.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

Cryptocurrencies are platforms that enable the threading of cryptocurrencies into other assets, including digital and fiat currencies. The cryptocurrency exchange act as a bridge between a buyer and a seller.

Top Crypto Exchanges You have to know

1. WazirX

WazirX is said to be the most trusted Cryptocurrency Exchange with advanced trading features to buy and sell. Even they provide many options to trade cryptocurrencies. It is the only exchange that provides a Live open order booking system and also that leads you to trade in virtual currency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and much more. Waziri is the best beginner-friendly trading exchange with a high trading platform. Almost all the features are the same in the mobile application and as well as the web platform. The exchange provides multilingual customer support, which is really very useful to crypto users. WazirX’s referral program allows users to earn 50% of trade fees as commission for every trade made through the user’s referral code.

2. Krypto

Krypto is a cryptocurrency platform where people can buy, sell and trade with the exchange. Even they can exchange their cryptocurrencies with another person in the exchange. To be a one-stop solution for all crypto needs of crypto customers. It is a Bangalore-based cryptocurrency exchange platform. It makes people buy, and sell and the process is also risk-free.

3. Bitcoiva

Bitcoiva is one of the best crypto exchange platforms for spot exchange. They provide the joining bonus for each and every customer who registered as a newcomer. And the exchange has a single-tier referral program with bonus benefits and they provide bonuses to the clients and as well as the invitee also.

They have a stacking program that the investors can hold their coins with interest. Investors can trade with the most popular cryptocurrencies in Bitcoiva. There are no such limits for trading in Bitcoiva, and also you can make use of the profitable referral program with the benefits of the bonuses.

The user funds will be highly protectable. Bitcoiva offers simple and convenient trading options for beginners, the website and as well as mobile application will be very smooth to use. They provide exchange offers for android users as well as iOS users also. 

In the Bitcoiva exchange, you can purchase valuable cryptocurrency with instant buy and sell options. The withdrawal options are wide and they provide many deposit options too, if you wish to transfer your money through a bank you can able to transfer, and also if it’s with mobile banking you can able to transfer the money. The various deposit options are IMPS bank deposit, NEFT, RTGS, and as well as the UPI mode of payments. In Bitcoiva they provide instant deposit and withdrawal options.

Although Bitcoiva is the younger generation cryptocurrency exchange with lots of advantages for the investors. The overall customer support of Bitcoiva is very well. They provide 24/7 customer support with a multilingual accent. 

4. CoinSwitch Kuber

It is a user-friendly website and it is designed for beginners. The KYC process is very short and there is no transaction limit. There is no specific requirement for the users also. They listed many deposit options for the investors. You can earn some referral commission while you make a new customer. The trading fee is comparatively low. And it has many security strands. But the KYC is very mandatory to start trading. They support only the Fiat currency. There is a slight delay between the actual price and the selling price.

5. Unocoin

          It has a distinguished liquidity benefit. The Unocoin platform’s Bitcoin tokens are stored in reserve latency for high security. The trading interface can easily navigate the Bitcoin community. It provides notable trading and reference applications and also the fees are comparatively very high and the price of the bitcoin is very high.  No standard customer support. It is moderate with inadequate benefits.

Cryptocurrency Exchange
Cryptocurrency Exchange
6. CoinDCX

They have a vast number of coins to choose from. Transaction fees for trading and also the minimum amount required to trade on the site are low. The platform offers liquidity across various trading pairs. You can buy or sell with a single tap only with the help of apps. The platform offers almost six times the trading margin of leverage across different assets. Live and continuous customers on the site help others with their queries. INR is the only FIAT currency here and no other currencies are available on the site. Customers will require verification to receive higher FIAT values.

7. Zebpay

Zebpay provides low commissions for intraday cryptocurrencies. The ability to trade from any device – through the website or mobile applications. Offer regular contests, promotional prizes, bonuses, and rewards to customers. The list of fiat currencies does not include USD, only 6 cryptocurrencies are available for traders living outside India. You cannot trade using forex on the stock market. There is no investment idea and solutions for passive income. 

8. BuyUcoin

Buyucoin is India’s most secure and traded Cryptocurrency exchange where you can invest with complete confidence. Today, their exchange has over 1 million customers. You have to understand the demand for cryptocurrencies. The interface for the users is very simple. They provide better customer support. You can start your trading with a minimum deposit of 20 INR. Most of the time you will face some technical issues while using this website. The transactions must be low only because of the technical issue.

9. Bitbins

The liquidity and the accessibility are very useful for beginners and investors. They have over 40 lakhs active users in India. They conduct contests for the customers every week. The KYC process is very simple. They have the security options like two-factor authentication, PIN access, and a lot of security features they provide for their customers. They have advanced tools and features. The customer support works 24/7 and provides good overall support for their customers.

10.  Colodax

This exchange provides crypto to INR and INR to crypto, with the use of many deposit options like IMPS, NEFT, and RTGS. Buy, sell & trade instantly using the open order book. Receive app push notifications when orders are filled or a transfer request is completed. Within a minute you can register your account and do your transactions very quickly. The advanced security features like 2FA. They provide highly secure trading platforms for users.

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