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Covid Report: Xi Jinping Concerned Over Covid Spike In China’s Rural Areas

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As state media reported, Xi Jinping has said he is “concerned” about the virus in the Chinese countryside as millions of people head to rural hometowns ahead of upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations.

The Chinese leader also defended his zero-Covid policy lifted last month after crippling the economizing and sparking nationwide demonstrations, saying it had been “the right choice.”

In a series of calls Wednesday before the holiday, the Chinese leader told local officials he worried about the problem in the country’s rustic hinterlands.

“Xi said he was primarily concerned about rural areas and residents after the country adjusted its Covid-19 response measures,” state news agency Xinhua said.

He “stressed efforts to improve medical care for those most vulnerable to the virus in rural areas,” Xinhua stated.

“Epidemic prevention and control has entered a new stage, and we are still in a period that requires great efforts,” Xi said, stressing the need to “address the shortcomings in epidemic prevention and control in rural areas.”

Transport authorities have predicted that more than two billion trips will be made during 40 days between January and February, nearly double last year’s number and 70 percent of pre-pandemic levels. On Wednesday, State media said that 30.2 million people traveled nationwide alone.

The enormous migration, one of the world’s largest, is widely anticipated to bring a surge in virus issues to China’s under-resourced countryside. Beijing last month presented a hard-line virus policy that saw the state impose severe lockdowns and mandatory mass testing, hammering China’s economy and sending hundreds onto the streets in demonstrations.

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