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Covid News Updates: Moderna claims that their low-dose Covid injections are safe for children under the age of six.

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Moderna claims that their Covid-19 vaccination is effective in newborns, toddlers, and preschoolers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will make the final decision on whether or not they should be recommended. Pfizer is already testing even lower dosages, with results due in early April. The smaller the dosage being tested, the younger the child. Pfizer is trying even lower dosages for youngsters under the age of five, but it had to add a third injection to its trial after the first two failed to work.

The Covid-19 vaccine from Moderna is 44 percent effective in preventing illness in children under the age of two, and approximately 38 percent effective in preschoolers. Moderna also said on Wednesday that it will submit a request to the Food and Drug Administration for approval of higher dosages for older children. Pfizer presently supplies kid-sized dosages for school-aged children, and it uses half the adult dose for elementary-aged children. Moderna claims that a fourth of the dosage used for adults was effective for children under the age of six. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will determine whether the small doses should be recommended.

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