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Covid instances climb for the second week in a row

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            According to the UN health agency’s assessment on the epidemic, which was released late Tuesday, there were more over 12 million new weekly cases and just under 33,000 fatalities, or a 23 percent decrease in mortality.

The World Health Organization said on Tuesday that the number of new coronavirus cases worldwide climbed by 7% in the past week, led by growing infections in the Western Pacific, despite a drop in reported Covid-19 deaths.

Tangshan City, a steel powerhouse in China’s northern Hebei region, has been placed under complete temporary lockdown. The overall number of coronavirus infections in South Korea surpassed 10 million, accounting for roughly 20% of the population. Confirmed instances of the virus had been slowly declining since January, but they began to rise again last week. Europe, North America’s Omicron version, and the suspension of Covid protocols in many North American and other nations are to blame.

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