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Covid hospitalization in the Omicron wave: Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra reports more hospitalizations

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Many states and union territories (UTs) have reported an average hospitalization rate of 1-2% during the third Covid wave, which has been spread largely by the Omicron variant of the coronavirus. The central government sources state that while Delhi and Kerala reported hospitalization rates of around 3% to 4%, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra reports 6% and 10-15% respectively.

The Centre’s preliminary findings suggest that the residual circulating Delta variant, which wreaked havoc during the second wave, may be to blame for the increased hospitalizations in Tamil Nadu. However, Mumbai may be dealing with medical practice issues with doctors frequently admitting patients for high-priced therapies such as monoclonal antibodies regardless of whether they work.

Over the last 10 days or so, states have reported a hospitalization percentage of 1-2%. It is approximately 3.3% in Delhi. However, in Tamil Nadu and in Mumbai, the preliminary assessment is that the hospitalization rates are higher due to some Delta still in circulation, and Mumbai is a more complex issue.

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