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COVID-19: North Korea On Virus Alert After China, And South Korea Witness Surge In Cases

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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic’s rapid reach in nearby countries, including South Korea and China, North Korea has called for strict quarantine precautions, its state media reported on Monday. Due to the fast development of omicron subvariants, viral cases spiked during the winter in South China and Japan, a state-run Korean Central report said. “The virus problems in those areas are the most severe in the world,” it stated.

To “thoroughly” prevent diseases, it urged North Koreans to strengthen quarantine actions against the COVID-19 pandemic, The Korean Herald reported.

Lately, the North has stepped up its defenses against the recent uptick in virus cases in South and China, seemingly out of worry that potential imported conditions could also harm its economizing. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un declared triumph over the COVID-19 crisis in August last year, saying the pandemic had been brought under control three months after the country announced its first virus issue in May 2022.

In November, Kim suggested people start wearing masks, saying immunity levels might decrease. He also called for a COVID-19 immunization campaign in September last year, Yonhap reported. North Korea has sternly denied all cross-border transactions since January 2020, including trade, travel, and tourism, which are the nation’s primary sources of foreign cash.

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