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Congress approves a $1.5 trillion measure that includes billions of dollars for Ukraine

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            The Senate approved a $1.5 trillion budget measure on Thursday, averting a federal shutdown and providing $13.6 billion in emergency help to Ukraine.

The bill was approved by the House on Wednesday and passed by a vote of 68-31. President Joe Biden is anticipated to approve the bill before the government’s financing runs out on Friday night.

The bipartisan funding bill would fund the federal government until September 30, with boosts for both defence and nondefense programmes beyond levels in 2021.

The money includes billions for Ukraine, where over 2 million people have been displaced since Russia’s invasion last month. Humanitarian aid is included in the Ukraine-related budget, as is $6.5 billion for the Defence Department — $3.5 billion to resupply equipment supplied to Ukraine and $3 billion for U.S. forces assisting NATO member nations in Europe. It also funds the support of Ukraine’s electricity grid and the fight against misinformation.

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