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Conflict in Ukraine-Russia: Putin advises Russia’s neighbours not to “escalate the situation” by putting further “restrictions” on his nation.

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The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been ongoing for one week. Russian soldiers not only crossed the Ukrainian border, but also attacked heavily inhabited regions. The Russian military is attempting to seize control of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, after gaining control of other Ukrainian towns. The threat to Kyiv has grown as a result of this. Earlier, under pressure, Russian President Vladimir Putin had his honorary taekwondo black belt revoked in response to his country’s invasion of Ukraine. World Taekwondo used its slogan, “Peace is More Precious Than Triumph,” to criticize Russia’s military activity in Ukraine, claiming that the “brutal attacks on innocent lives” contradicted the sport’s ideals of respect and tolerance. “In this context, World Taekwondo has decided to rescind Mr Vladimir Putin’s honorary 9th dan black belt given in November 2013,” the governing organization stated in an official statement.

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