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Colombia Allows Members of Congress To Bring Pets To Work, Senator Brings Horse

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Colombia: In a global first, members of Colombia’s Congress may now bring their dogs to work, and wild horses couldn’t have taken one senator away from the first day of the new regulation. Alirio Barrera arrived to work on his white horse.

He galloped through the Colombian city of Bogota before riding into Congress to make a message about the importance of horses in the Colombian countryside. “It is an homage to the farmers, the men and women who work with horses, and the herders. To everyone who works in the fields, “He told AFP while clutching the bridle of his horse, Pasaporte. Last Monday, Senate President Roy Barreras revealed the new policy while his dog sat in his lap. According to him, this makes the Colombian Congress “the first in the world to be pet-friendly.”

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