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Climate Change Will Severely Impact Bird Species By 2080

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Climate change

Climate change

Birds are said to as “modern-day dinosaurs,” and it appears that they will once again need to adapt to an environment that is changing quickly. By 2080, avian groups will be forced to relocate due to climate change, according to a group of experts led by Durham University. The researchers examined the past in order to form their forecasts for the future. To ascertain the possible movement of the birds, they compared historical climate data with historical avian ranges. The specialists then used a model that took into account future climates based on low and high greenhouse gas emissions to apply these linkages.

More than only avian diversity and population size piqued the team’s curiosity. They were interested in figuring out how the change may affect phylogenetic diversity, which takes into account the variety of bird species that make up a community.

According to Dr. Alke Voskamp of the Senckenberg Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre, “in our study, we studied the consequences of global warming on the geographical distribution of terrestrial birds throughout the world.” The effects on species richness as well as several facets of phylogenetic diversity, particularly how closely related the species are to one another, were the main areas of study.

To estimate how many lineages might be lost or added regionally as birds move and adjust to a changing climate, the researchers looked at 8,768 different bird species. They predict that the majority of losses will take place in tropical and subtropical regions, but that there will be global community restructuring.

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