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Climate Change Affects The Dynamics Of Drylands

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climatic change

climatic change

Professor Lixin Wang, a hydrologist from the IUPUI School of Science, has examined the most significant unanswered concerns regarding how drylands respond to environmental changes as well as recent advancements in the research of dryland productivity.

For more than a year, Wang worked with a small but diverse group of well-known scientists from around the world to study the productivity of drylands and their major contribution to the global carbon budget.

In the review article, Wang breaks down the complexity of dryland dynamics and provides a comprehensive analysis of the great dryland debate, including whether or not drylands are expanding as a result of climate change, what influences changes in dryland vegetation the most, and the importance of hydrological processes in managing dryland ecosystems. The research team also includes Dr. Wenzhe Jiao, a former Ph.D. student in Wang’s lab who is currently a postdoctoral researcher at MIT. Jiao played a key role in the gathering, synthesis, and virtualization of data. Dr. Natasha MacBean from Western University in Canada, Dr. Maria Cristina Rulli from Politecnico di Milano in Italy, and Stefano Manzoni from Stockholm University in Sweden are additional members of the research team.

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