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Climate Activist Sentenced For Targeting ‘Girl With Pearl Earrings’

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Climate Activist

Climate Activist

Two climate activists from #Belgium who targeted the well-known picture “#Girl with a Pearl Earring” were jailed. They received a sentence of two months in #prison, with one month suspended. Famous, enduring art pieces have become the focus of climate campaigners in many nations.

One activist used adhesive to attach his head to the glass covering of the picture “Girl with a Pearl Earring” in a museum in The Hague. The artwork has not been harmed, according to the gallery. “Defendants who felt their message took precedence over everything else have smeared an artwork hanging there for everybody, for all of us to enjoy,” the prosecutor added. 

The public defender had requested four months, with two of them suspended, but the judge indicated she didn’t want her punishment to deter other people from protesting. The two men’s case was adjudicated quickly. They were accused of destroying the picture and using blatant aggression against it. On Friday, a third activist who opposed expediting the trial will make an appearance in court.

All three belong to the Just Stop Oil Belgium environmental organization, unrelated to Just Stop Oil in the United Kingdom. The ruling, according to Just Stop Oil Belgium, was “ironic.” Famous artworks being targeted as a form of climate protest have come under fire. Olaf Scholz, the president of Germany, publicly expressed his displeasure a few days ago and urged demonstrators to use “creativity” in their actions.

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