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Claims and counter-claims: 1,000 Russian servicemen killed; 211 Ukrainian military structures assaulted

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            During fierce battle in the war-torn Ukraine, the Ukrainian Army reported early Saturday that it had killed over 1,000 Russian forces.

The Russian military, however, has not officially announced the number of victims.

Meanwhile, the United Nations reported that 25 people had been killed and 102 had been injured in Russia’s continued assault.

Ukraine also stated that as of today, it has destroyed at least 80 tanks, 516 armoured fighting vehicles, seven helicopters, ten planes, and twenty cruise missiles.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Ministry of Defence said that they had destroyed 211 military infrastructure installations in Ukraine.

Russian forces targeted an army installation on the major Kyiv Road, but the assault was repulsed, according to Ukrainian military.

Russia “attacked one of the military formations” on Kyiv’s Victory Avenue. Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, said Ukraine and Russia are considering a meeting location and timing. Russian President Vladimir Putin has urged the Ukrainian military to depose the government and seek a peaceful settlement. Russian saboteurs masquerading as National Police, according to accounts, drove up to a roadblock near Vasylkiv and shot Ukrainian soldiers there.

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