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‘City Of Joy’ Author Dominique Lapierre Dead At The Age Of 91

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City Of Joy

City Of Joy

#Dominique Lapierre, a well-known author whose novels sold tens of millions of copies, has died. His wife broke the news to him. “He died of old age at the age of 91,” Lapierre’s widow told the French newspaper Var-Matin on Sunday. She went on to say that he is “at peace and serene that now Dominique is no longer suffering.”

Lapierre was known for his love of India, and his book ‘City Of Joy,’ based on a slum in Kolkata, is still one of the best-sellers to this day. Lapierre, who was born on July 30, 1931, in Chatelaillon, has sold around 50 million copies of the six books he co-wrote with American writer Larry Collins, the most renowned of which is ‘Is Paris Burning?’

The non-fiction book, released in 1965, detailed the events leading up to August 1944, when Nazi Germany ceded control of Paris, and was adapted for film by Francis Ford Coppola and Gore Vidal. ‘City of Joy,’ released in 1985, highlighted the struggles of a rickshaw puller in a Kolkata slum. The book was an enormous success. A film based on it, directed by Roland Joffe and starring Patrick Swayze and Om Puri, was released in 1992. The majority of Lapierre’s income from ‘City of Joy’ was donated to humanitarian programs in Kolkata.

The duo authored “Or I’ll Dress You in Mourning” (1968), “O Jerusalem” (1972), “Freedom at Midnight” (1975), “The Fifth Horseman” (1980), and the thriller “Is New York Burning?”

In 2005, he stated that it had become “possible to cure a million tuberculosis patients in 24 years (and) to care for 9,000 children with leprosy” thanks in part to this move, as well as donations from readers.

Following “Is Paris Burning?” he resumed his great collaboration with Collins.

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