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Church Related To Abe’s Assassination, Japan’s Political Crisis

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Tetsuya Yamagami, the 41-year-old who fatally shot Japan’s longest-serving prime minister on July 8, planned to assassinate the leader of the Unification Church, a South Korean religious cult that the 41-year-old blames for his family’s financial downfall. However, the COVID-19 epidemic hampered progress.

Hak Ja Han Moon, who has led the church since its founder, her husband Sun Myung Moon, died in 2012, had ceased visiting Japan due to pandemic-related border restrictions. Yamagami claimed in a message to a blogger the day before shooting Abe with a homemade gun that killing Hak Ja Han Moon was “impossible.” And, while Abe was “not my initial opponent,” the 67-year-old lawmaker was “one of the Unification Church’s most important sympathizers,” he said. “I can no longer afford to consider the political ramifications and repercussions of Abe’s death,” he continued.

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