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Chinese Woman Wrapped Herself In Plastic Bags To Eat Bananas On The Train

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Chinese Woman

Chinese Woman

The zero-Covid policy adopted by China has significantly disrupted the ordinary, everyday lives of Chinese individuals. However, it appears that the populace has molded itself to harsh policies and developed cunning ways to get around some restrictions. According to reports, a woman was reportedly recently captured on camera riding in a subway train in China’s Hubei province for her somewhat eccentric attire. Before eating a banana she had brought with her, the woman seated on the seat wrapped herself in a sizable plastic bag.

The woman’s antics reportedly grabbed the attention of another passenger with the last name Wang, according to local media sources. He amused himself by recording the footage to see what the woman was up to. Wang had the same shock at the woman’s elaborate dress as the internet users who saw the video. Wang was reported by a local publication as saying, “There are periodic coronavirus outbreaks across Wuhan, but in my opinion, it is a bit extreme for this woman to defend herself like way.” “While it is not ideal to eat inside subway trains. She isolated herself from other people by wrapping herself in a plastic bag,” he added.

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