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China Report: With Over 30,000 Cases, Daily Covid Tally Hits Record High

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China Report

China Report

According to official data published Thursday, #China’s daily #Covid cases have reached an all-time high since the pandemic’s start, despite the nation’s efforts to stop its spread through mass testing, travel bans, and emergency lockdowns.

According to the National Health Bureau, China reported 31,454 domestic cases on Wednesday, 27,517 of which had no symptoms. When compared to China’s enormous population of 1.4 billion, the figures are rather tiny.

However, due to Beijing’s strict zero-Covid policy, even small outbreaks can force the closure of entire towns and the strict quarantine of contacts of infected patients.

As the pandemic approaches its third year, the unyielding policy has worn down and incensed huge segments of the populace, provoking intermittent protests and reducing productivity in the second-largest economy in the world.

The disease on Wednesday is more than the 29,390 cases that were reported in mid-April in Shanghai, a megacity where people were having trouble getting food and medical care because the city was on lockdown.

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