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China Lockdown Area Around World’s Largest iPhone Factory After Covid Spike

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iPhone Factory

iPhone Factory

#China ordered a seven-day lockdown of the area around Foxconn technology group’s main plant in Zhengzhou- the world’s largest iPhone factory. The #lockdown which will last till November 9 was put in place after Covid cases in #Zhengzhou jumped to 359 for Tuesday, up from 95 the day before.

No vehicles are allowed to operate except for those carrying necessities, the local government said adding that all people except Covid-prevention volunteers and essential workers “must not leave their residences except to receive Covid tests and emergency medical treatment”.

People were spotted escaping Foxconn’s facility in videos that were extensively circulated on social media. Several workers complained about the unpleasant working environment and how they had to leave the factory on foot to escape Covid transit limits.

The lockout, which is consistent with China’s zero-tolerance policy for infectious disease outbreaks, is anticipated to significantly disrupt Foxconn’s major operational base. Foxconn- the Taiwanese corporation ordered part of its 200,000 personnel into quarantine and urged others to flee the factory. The shutdown will make it more difficult to ship production materials and hire new employees to maintain operations.

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